Body Luxe by House of Vanity Enterprise is committed to bring the best  and affordable All Natural Personal and Skin Care Products to the Market. We believe in the Natural Healing Capacities of our body. It has its own capability of healing and rejuvenating, it just have to be stimulated and enhanced.

Body Luxe products are basically made from nature perfect for the enhancement and revitalization of our skin and body's total being. We may not promise the same effect for everyone but one thing that we are sure of is the noticeable improvement on your skin, no matter what skin type or color you have.

We may be young in the market, but unknown to all our product has been tested to perfection for almost five years before we started selling. Commitment towards Perfection is our Main Quality Policy.

Each year we aim to introduce and launch new product lines, since our company is not just limited to skin care and whitening. We are committed to improve the well being of men, women and children by creating pure and natural body care. All our body care products are free from parabens, sodium laurel sulphates and mineral oils. We are constantly searching for new ways to refine formulations and make them as simple and pure as possible. In partnership with our FDA approved Cosmeceutical Laboratory, we are constantly improving and working to develop and refine and make our range of products as natural and innovative as possible, as well as attractive and fresh.

We aim to adapt and accept continuous improvement by listening to our customers and customer's feedback is important to us. We want to be the best that we can be and we really love to hear from them. We want to provide great customer service and treat everyone we are dealing with, with care, respect and honesty.

Lastly we made our products affordable without sacrificing the quality of each products' content, since we put importance on good value products. It is our company's thrust to make consumers from all walks of life believe and value in the wonders of nature and embrace what is pure and natural not the price tag and packaging of the product. 

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